I'm just a girl that loves stones, loves traveling and exploring this Earth. I'm in awe of nature and its many worlds! I started searching for and collecting stones as a very young girl, my first book was a geology pocket guide. I was all but 5 years old and could read quite well. I would ask my Mom to bring me places to find special stones, if I had no luck on my walks. I was always digging in the dirt and laying the stones around me, they spoke to me but I wasn't yet able to really hear their messages.

Fast forward, many years, lots of exploration, many trainings, teaching yoga, practicing Polarity Therapy, owning a skincare studio and currently working with and studying the gong, crystal bowls and UR Healing. Here I am now bringing together those things that have brought so much joy and meaning in my life to you!

Enjoy these beauties of nature and the spirit tools, like the crystal bowls and please email me if you see something you like and want to talk about it. In the beginning of the year I select just a few special things to share from my friends and stone listeners the Twintreess of Ahhmuse. Many of which are 1 of a kind and I may only have 1 or 3 but no more. I feel into the future and the energy I'm intending for the year ahead and then I listen. Whoever calls, comes home with me, and then we wait to meet up with whoever hears the call next.

There are many stories to be told yet and many in the making. From time to time I would like to share them, and a few photos with you, keep you posted on my latest experiences and discoveries. It's all in a days happening!

It's my path and I share it with you!

In Gratitude and Peace,
Lisa Berkana