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You mentioned your Grandfather, how did he inspire your latest product creation?

My Grandpa Mazzella passed away when I was a young teen. I always felt like it was too soon but as an adult I realize how he still lives on. He built lots of structures around my family's property. He taught my mother how to garden and she taught me. My grandpa was a master stained glass artist, we still have his work, large and small, surrounding us.  Grandpa Mazzella was always was creating things that were bigger than him, and it showed me how to be selfless and how to just create. All his constructions and artwork always makes me feel closer to him.

Peace on the Road

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My latest Peace sharing with Alysia Mazzella. Alysia is so lovely & creative! A bright light earth sister! I had the blessing of spending time with her on my East Coast road trip. Jump into her Peace vibe!

Monsoons, Peace and a Trinity

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I have been contemplating the beauty of the monsoons and the symbology of the quick and intense down pours, the renewal and cleansing they bring, the electrical charge in the air, the smell of creosote and sage, and the incredible cloud beings that arise over the mountains. Mother Earth providing a fresh start for all to partake in, every day. This clean slate, this freshness of spirit and outlook everyday, this wonderment of Nature, that's Peace.

Welcome to Trinity Healing Arts!

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I'm just a girl that loves stones, loves traveling and exploring this Earth. I'm in awe of nature and its many worlds! I started searching for and collecting stones as a very young girl, my first book was a geology pocket guide. I was all but 5 years old and could read quite well. If I had no luck on my walks, I would ask my Mom to bring me places to find special stones. I was always digging in the dirt and laying the stones around me, they spoke to me but I wasn't yet able to really hear their messages.