Peace Across the Planet Peace Gatherings and Earth Ceremony

I hold the Intent of Peace in my work as an Earth Guardian, co-creating with nature and the elements and honoring Mother Earth and her inhabitants in my daily life.

I hold Peace Gatherings and Earth Ceremony on the land, usually where there is a Standing Shiva stone or traveling with the smaller Shiva Stone, which I take on the road. My smaller Shiva has been across country many times and we meet up with people where ever we are, by chance, and ask them to share their Peace with us. The Standing Shiva stones are Peace Ambassadors, helping humans to expand and explore their connection to all life. They help anchor Peace, like acupuncture points on the Earth, where we can gather, hold the intent of Peace, grow and share Peace exponentially.

In September of 2016, I was blessed to meet Mamo Dwawiku and Mamo Hipolito, indigenous Spiritual Leaders and Earth Guardians from Northern Columbia. I was fortunate enough to participate in Earth ceremonies and have a private healing with them. I brought along my Shiva stone and shared with them how I work with the stone being to grow and share peace and connect to the Earth. It was a magical experience, they were very playful but serious. They wanted to bless my stone and the mission I am on during this Earth walk, they knew all about my partner, Dan and our path together. We spent an hour together doing a general energy healing and then they blessed my stone as I held it to my heart and with prayer they affirmed the connection with Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, Planets, the elements and nature kingdoms and, my galactic heritage. Together they helped me peel away another layer of remembrance and my co-creatorship with all life. I walked away a new being, I was birthed anew that night, the 9th day on the 9th month, on a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). I am forever grateful for this experience of unity, for the Mamos and the women who brought them to the USA and hosted them. To find out more about the indigenous peoples of this area and the Mamos, visit these sites The Great Balance and EarthAction ~ The Elders Project

The current Elemental Equation given to us by Marilyn and Tohmas thru Spirit Grandmother, “Right now, one person
standing in unconditional love and acceptance is stronger than over 400,000 people standing in fear.”  That's how we grow peace, by gathering together and holding the Intent of Peace.

I am an Intent Holder for Peace Across the Planet, a project under the 501(c)3 non-profit Elements of Life 501(c)3, co-created by Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess and their Spirit Family in 1996. There are Intent Holders around the world, for more information on the location of Intent Holders and how you can donate to the project visit Elements of Life & Peace Across the Planet website.

I invite you to visit our facebook page Peace Across the Planet where you will see photos, find our monthly Shiva Listenings, Intent Holder gatherings and hear how people share their Peace. I chronicle my encounters on the road when I'm traveling with the Shiva via our facebook page. We have a few raod trips planned this summer and fall so look out for new Peace sharings!

Blessings of Beauty, Grace and Peace,

Lisa Berkana